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Switzerland Post Card 2016 1 (2)

Greeting from Zurich! I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time on the trip you helped us plan. The Hotel Plattenhoff was located close to the tram stops and was within walking distance of the center of town. We enjoyed the culinary tour, the shopping, eating, drinking and a day at the spa. Best Regards, Anne & Pat R. (Aug 2016)

alaska-photo-tinling-oct-2016alaska-photo-tinling-train-oct-2016    alaska-photo-tinling-sea-plane-oct-2016


Happy to recommend The Travel Guy. Let me preface this testimonial by saying no-one, not even Mel, could prepare us for the beauty we witnessed. I was ho-hum about Alaska but hubby was 100% Alaska so off we went with Norwegian Cruise Lines. Rooms on board a good size and food wonderful. NCL had the best transportation in every town arranged to get guests to and from the ship. We enjoyed the duck boat in Ketchikan seeing the town from the streets and the water front. In Juneau we went for it and did the float plane over 5 glaciers. Breath taking! As a town, I loved Skagway enjoying the interaction with locals. Cleanest town ever. On to Icy Straits where we enjoyed a cooking class with halibut and salmon. Many new ideas for a dinner party. Sitka was my favorite town with a gorgeous marina and rain forest too. Just so pretty. It rained, we hardly noticed. GLACIER BAY! OMG! We were the last cruise ship for the year and for some unknown reason, the powers that be allowed our ship to back up to the glaciers, BLUE ICE, just like we read about. The ship sat for a couple of hours and was a photographers dream. Victoria, Canada, so beautiful. As a former Canadian, and having lived in Vancouver, we did not enjoy Buchard Gardens this trip choosing the city instead. Best scones on the face of the earth. A beer at Earl’s and a little shopping. We were so pleased with the feedback and the work that Mel Nobel put forth to make our trip a reality. Always available and always courteous. Their phone number in our pocket, and we were off. Mel has put together at least 5 trips for us in Europe and we have never been disappointed. THANKS Mel and Dawn. Until the next one….. Diane T. (Oct 2016)